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Project Feasibility Assessment
All aquatic improvement or creation projects should begin with a feasibility assessment. Depending on the scope of a proposed project and the extent of the property involved, assessment of feasibility, both from a technical and legal point of view, can be determined in a relatively short time. Typically, we do not charge for our initial consultation, which usually consists of an onsite meeting with the landowner or their representative, to discuss project feasibility. We have found that almost every property has the potential for some type of aquatic improvement effort. These may range from improvement of an existing stream to creation of large fish/waterfowl/wildlife complexes. Use your imagination and let us tell you how to get it done!

Permit and Water Right Acquisition
Prior to commencing construction of any fish, wildlife or waterfowl improvement effort, permitting of the proposed project must be completed. Most projects are regulated by local, state and/or federal government agencies with requirements that are complex, dynamic and occasionally conflicting. Water rights are an increasingly important aspect of most fish and wildlife enhancement projects. Constant changes in policy necessitate that we remain in close communication with the regulatory agencies and their representatives. Our personnel have the experience to manage the permitting process from initial preparation through final issuance and have successfully permitted projects in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon and New Mexico. It is very important that all necessary permits are secured prior to construction and we provide that service in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Fisheries Management
In addition to physically creating ponds and streams, our expert staff provides private fisheries management consulting. We can develop effective long-term management plans based on the natural capacity of a lake or stream, legal restrictions, and the specific type of fishery our client desires. Whether a client would like to develop a challenging "wild" trout fishery, or an easy trophy trout fishery to remedy a bad day on the river, we will develop and implement a sustainable management strategy and plan to help them reach their goals.

Wetlands Delineation
In 1977, an Executive Order was enacted for the protection of wetlands. Revisions to the Clean Water Act, specifically Section 404, have made it the principal regulatory tool for the protection, of wetlands and other water of the United States. The objective of wetland protection is "to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of our Nation's waters". The United States Army Corps of Engineers enforces the Clean Water Act and to this end, requires a permit for filling, excavation in conjunction with filling, or otherwise disturbing existing wetlands. Federal wetland laws are extremely complex and dynamic. For this reason, PSC believes it is critical that jurisdictional wetlands are identified prior to commencement of a project. This not only allows our clients to avoid costly delays and potential legal problems, but also ensures that all projects are permitted as required, providing peace of mind for the owner. Our wetland ecologist has over sixteen years of experience providing wetland, revegetation and reclamation services to government agencies and the private sector.

Recreational Property Evaluation
Over the past several years, PSC and its principals have completed detailed evaluations of numerous recreational properties. In the majority of cases, these properties have been evaluated with respect to the potential for fish, waterfowl and wildlife improvement potential on the seller's or listing agent's behalf. However, we have also completed property evaluations for buyers interested in determining the true enhancement potential of a particular property. As with feasibility assessments, these property evaluations can usually be completed in a short amount of time and are always followed by a thorough report of our findings. It has been our experience that these evaluations can be a useful tool when selling a piece of property. We have evaluated some rather unassuming properties where great recreational opportunities have subsequently been developed. And what better way for a potential buyer to ascertain the true worth of a parcel than from a qualified, unbiased professional? We are flexible and would be happy to assist in evaluation of any aspect of a property, whether it's an existing stream fishery or for pond development potential.

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