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The following sections provide a partial but representative list of projects that PSC principals have been involved in over the past several years.

Baker Creek, Montana — Planned, designed, budgeted, acquired necessary permits, coordinated, and supervised restoration of 4,000 lineal feet of spring-influenced stream near Manhattan. The project included narrowing and deepening of the existing channel, riffle and gravel bar construction, pool excavation, and installation of woody debris.

Beaverhead County, Montana — Assisted in management and stocking program of several trophy trout ponds. Altered a small inflow stream to improve spawning success of adfluvial trout. Assisted in design, construction, and management of a small trout hatchery. Assisted in artificial spawning of rainbow trout, transport and incubation of eggs, stocking and trout fishery management.

Beaverhead County, Montana — Provided design and permitting services for a large aquatic improvement project on the Beaverhead River near Clark Canyon Reservoir. Permitting included preparation and submittal of applications to the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and the Beaverhead Conservation District.

Big Sheep Creek, Montana — Planned, designed, budgeted, acquired necessary permits, and supervised construction leading to improvements of a small trout stream in Beaverhead County. Work included stabilization of a potential meander-neck avulsion, installation of vortex weirs, channel narrowing, and pool excavation.

Big Sky, Montana — Planned, designed, budgeted, acquired necessary permits, and supervised construction of a pond reclamation project on Beaver Creek, near Big Sky. All efforts were directed at the complete rehabilitation of two ponds, with the intent of providing a sustainable trout fishery on the property.

Bozeman, Montana — Planned, designed, budgeted, acquired necessary permits, and supervised construction of two fish/fire protection ponds in a new Bozeman subdivision. The ponds (0.3 and 1.8 acres) were constructed well above groundwater elevation with no surface water supply available. Both ponds were impermeably lined and equipped with dry hydrants, and are filled and maintained using solely well water. They serve a two-fold purpose - to provide a recreational fishery for homeowners and to meet subdivision requirements for fire protection.

Crazy Woman Creek, Wyoming — Designed, planned, budgeted, acquired necessary permits, coordinated, and supervised restoration and improvement efforts along approximately seven miles of a small trout stream in Johnson County, Wyoming. Efforts focused on providing channel stability, reducing fine sediment recruitment, and adding cover and roughness elements.

Essex County, New Jersey — Designed, permitted and supervised construction of a complex lake reclamation project in suburban New Jersey. Project implementation included restoration of two ponds and establishment of a largemouth bass fishery approximately forty minutes from New York City. Logistical constraints on the property required complete removal of spoils material, necessitating constant coordination with local and state agencies. In addition, provided written support for litigation against adjacent landowner requesting damages for impacts to the property caused by flooding.

Fairfield County, Connecticut — Designed and assisted in supervision of improvement of two large (2.5 and 7.0 acre) ponds. Improvement efforts were directed at creating a trophy largemouth bass and trout fishery while maintaining a weed-free, manicured appearance.

Fairfield County, Connecticut — Provided permitting assistance, developed field designs and supervised construction of dam rehabilitation project in densely populated area. Environmental sensitivity at the project site required that the existing nine-acre reservoir be maintained during project implementation. Inflatable cofferdams were installed to provide a dewatered area along the upstream face of the dam and allow reconstruction of the structure using geosynthetic clay liners, shotcrete and a rock fašade.

Fergus County, Montana — Provided expert testimony for litigation brought by a rancher against a large mining company regarding ground water disturbances related to mining activities. Historic gold mining activity in a small ranching community had resulted in perceived disturbances in the ground water regime, which allegedly resulted in abandonment of springs on a particular property. Testimony was directed at mine closure and whether permit requirements had been met.

Gallatin County, Montana — Designed, permitted and supervised construction of fisheries improvements for a highly visible development project near Manhattan, Montana. Due to the conspicuous nature of the site, permitting of the six separate project components required delineation of jurisdictional wetlands, preparation of detailed designs and close coordination with permitting agencies. Project implementation resulted in the instream improvement of over two miles of stream and the creation of approximately five acres of trout fisheries.

Gallatin County, Montana — Currently involved in the design, permitting and construction supervision of a multi-component fisheries/wildlife improvement project near Logan, Montana. To date, the project has included implementation of a large-scale streambank stabilization project on the Gallatin River, construction of a 3.5-acre groundwater pond and complete restoration of approximately 4,500 feet of a small spring creek on the property. The restored spring creek now provides a wild trout fishery where none existed previously due to severe degradation. All project components have been designed to improve wildlife, waterfowl and fisheries habitat on the property, which has been damaged due to past land use activities.

Gallatin County, Montana — Designed, permitted and supervised construction of an approximately 0.75-acre, groundwater, trout pond near Gallatin Gateway. Pond construction necessitated aggressive dewatering efforts due to interception of a large spring.

Gallatin County, Montana — Designed, permitted and supervised construction of an approximately 1.0-acre trout pond near Logan. Project implementation required precise coordination of construction activities due to jurisdictional wetlands present at the site.

Gallatin County, Montana — Designed, budgeted, and supervised construction of a lined 0.25-acre residential trout pond and recirculating stream system in the arid hills north of Manhattan. Due the relative lack of water supply, the pond system was designed and constructed to allow no seepage loss. A high-gradient stream channel, fed by a pump system that recirculates 0.5 cubic feet per second, was constructed using large boulders to provide profound aesthetic appeal and aeration of the pond.

Gallatin River, Montana — Performed design, permitting and construction supervision of stabilization of several hundred feet of severely eroded bank. Stabilization required use of rock, geotextile fabric, and native riparian species. Appropriately sized woody debris were incorporated into the design and installed to provide roughness elements to induce scouring and provide adult and juvenile salmonid habitat.

Johnson County, Wyoming — Performed design and construction supervision of rehabilitation of a large dam using geosynthetic clay liner. Reconstruction and lining of the approximately twenty-foot structure was implemented over several weeks and alleviated concerns regarding the integrity of the original structure, which impounded approximately two acres.

Klamath County, Oregon — Designed and supervised construction of an artificial spawning stream for native Klamath Lake Redband Trout near Chiloquin, Oregon. The stream was designed to provide optimal species-specific spawning habitat at a flow of 8 to 12 cubic feet per second (cfs). Supervised bank stabilization and riparian recovery project on a large (80 cfs) spring creek. The project was directed at expediting natural restoration of the stream channel through stabilization of problem areas and reduction in fine sediment recruitment. Redesigned and supervised improvement of an existing pond system to improve trout production. Actions included decreasing average depth, increasing area of emergent vegetation, increasing pond area, and decreasing pond turnover (flow through) rate.

Madison County, Montana — Assisted in design and construction supervision of a 1.6-acre ground water pond near Ruby Reservoir, Montana. Designed and supervised construction of a 300-foot spawning stream fed by a diversion from the Ruby River.

Madison County, Montana — Assisted in design and construction oversight of a series of four ponds connected by sections of spawning stream fed by a surface water diversion near Alder, Montana. Special accommodations were made for a disabled client. Assisted in trout stocking and management. Assisted in implementation of soft streambank stabilization on the Ruby River.

Madison County, Montana — Assisted in design, budgeting, permit preparation, and construction supervision of ponds and high-gradient connecting streams near Big Sky, Montana. Ponds were constructed on steep slopes and lined with geosynthetic clay liners to prevent water loss and improve structural integrity.

Meagher County, Montana — Designed, permitted, and assisted in supervision of expansion and reconstruction of a 2.6-acre pond in Meagher County. Designed and supervised construction of a spawning stream for rainbow and brown trout. Designed and supervised construction of two connecting streams specifically to promote trout migration up a steep gradient. Supervised re-contouring of two existing ponds to improve biological productivity and aesthetics. Assisted legal team in determining appropriate and sufficient water rights requests in sustaining ranch fisheries.

Park County, Montana — Designed and initiated construction supervision of a 1.1-acre pond. The pond was constructed on an eight percent slope and lined with a geosynthetic clay liner to eliminate the potential for water loss due to a very limited water supply.

Park County, Montana — Assisted legal team by generating a report listing site-specific covenant recommendations in a property dispute involving various water features, including a valuable spring creek.

Park County, Montana — Designed, permitted and supervised complete reconstruction of approximately 6,000 feet of spring creek. The property is owned by working ranchers and was rehabilitated with the intent of providing a fee fishery to supplement their agricultural income.

Park County, Wyoming — Performed a complete feasibility assessment for a large ranch in North Central Wyoming. The assessment included an evaluation of several miles of a small, spring-fed stream and an approximately 27-acre reservoir.

Pecos River, New Mexico — Provided design support and construction supervision for reclamation of several hundred feet of degraded river near the Pecos Wilderness. Historical manipulation had resulted in a straightened, overwidened channel, exacerbating downstream erosion and flooding. Installation of bed control features through the treatment reach promoted scouring and pool formation, while decreasing velocities and potential for downstream impacts. Stringent water quality requirements necessitated full-time, onsite oversight by state agencies.

Sixteen Mile Creek, Cherry Creek, Ruby River, Montana — Involved in streambank stabilization/rehabilitation on several streams in Southwest Montana. Provided supervision for small construction crew as well as assisting in design. Coordinated subcontractor activities on job site.

Stillwater County, Montana — Provided design support and supervised construction of an approximately one-acre ground water pond near Absarokee. The project was proposed and implemented partially to alleviate a Section 404 violation caused by a previous landowner. Project implementation included removal of a large dam and reconstruction of a reservoir as a ground water pond. Due to the nature of the original project, reclamation of previously disturbed areas was a priority at the site.

Sullivan County, New York — Planned, designed, coordinated and supervised construction of a 0.6-acre lined trout pond, a 175-foot re-circulating trout spawning stream, and 200-foot re-circulating stream on 25% grade. Pond and stream construction included blasting of bedrock and lining of the pond with a geosynthetic clay liner. The pond was designed and constructed to be leak-free, as only ten gallons per minute of well water were available to maintain the pond.

Sweet Grass County, Montana — As a service to a prospective property buyer, coordinated a thorough investigation and generated a detailed report of the status and potential of the pond and stream trout fisheries on the ranch.

Sweet Grass County, Montana — Designed, budgeted and supervised construction of a 1.2-acre groundwater pond, enhanced by a groundwater collection system. Completed in August of 2000, the pond now provides a reliable trophy trout fishery for the ranch.

Sweet Grass County, Montana — Designed, budgeted and supervised construction of a large stockwater reservoir. The reservoir was created by constructing a mildly sloped dam across an ephemeral drainage using fill material excavated from inside the reservoir. This procedure increased the average depth of the reservoir to promote trout health and survival during periods of drought. The drainage generally conveys little or no water, but is subject to infrequent and extreme flood events. Accordingly, the dam was impermeably lined with a geo-synthetic clay liner to prevent leakage, and an oversized outflow structure and emergency spillway were designed and installed.

Sweet Grass Creek, Montana — Designed, permitted, budgeted, and supervised implementation of a large-scale stream restoration project near Big Timber. The existing stream channel is severely over-widened, shallow, and devoid of riparian cover and trout habitat, partially due to past land use practices and recent catastrophic flood events. This has caused water temperatures during summer afternoons to exceed levels tolerable to trout. Treatments completed include complete reconstruction of approximately 3,500 feet of stream channel and successful planting of over 6,000 willow cuttings along problem areas. Over five miles of stream will eventually be reconfigured in a deformable fashion. The goals of the project are to decrease summer temperature spikes through channel narrowing and riparian restoration, improve pool development and cover complexity, and improve riffle configuration to maximize the quality of spawning habitat for brown and rainbow trout.

Sweetwater Creek, Colorado — Designed and acquired permits for habitat improvement along approximately 6,000 lineal feet of high-gradient trout stream near Gypsum, Colorado. Poor habitat conditions resulting from streambed imbrication and lack of bedload were remedied through pool excavation and addition of roughness and cover elements.

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