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PSC's principals have been involved in the design, permitting, budgeting, construction and management of over fifty fish and wildlife ponds. In each case, project specifications were influenced heavily by the needs and preferences of our clients. Our experience in pond development encompasses a variety of site conditions, ranging from the construction of small, well water-fed, lined ponds on steep slopes to creation of large ponds with abundant water sources. Accordingly, different landscapes warrant not only diverse knowledge of construction techniques, but also the artistic ability and foresight to make a pond blend into the surrounding landscape. Unless otherwise requested by our clients, we strive to design and construct all of our ponds to appear as naturally occurring features. This process is initiated during the design process and is complete only when the constructed pond and its surroundings have been revegetated using appropriate seed mixes, trees, and shrubs.

click to enlarge The pond creation process begins by understanding the goals of our clientele and recognizing restrictions with respect to permitting and existing site conditions (e.g. water availability, topography). We then present available options and the benefits and drawbacks of each option in a clear and concise manner to the client. Our ultimate goal in pond creation is to meet or exceed our client's expectations, cost-effectively, while ensuring that the pond will appear and function as intended for the long-term.

While ponds may be simple to build in some situations, our experience and attention ensures that your pond system will remain beautiful, biologically productive, and provide outstanding fish and wildlife habitat in perpetuity. We have seen far too many "simple" ponds become serious problems to the owner. Improper pond design, planning, permitting, and construction can lead to a multitude of problems ranging from eventual algae proliferation, to fish kills, to permit and water right violations, to complete failure. Our practical experience, combined with our technical expertise, ensures that every pond project we design and manage will be a success.

In addition to creation of ponds and lakes, PSC and its associates have been involved in the rehabilitation or reclamation of numerous existing water features. These projects are usually initiated with the intent of improving or establishing a fishery, enhancing aesthetic appeal, rectifying an existing problem (algae proliferation, winterkill) or addressing a safety concern (unsafe or leaky dams).

Often, problems with existing ponds have resulted from improper construction, poor management or natural degradation. Sometimes the solution to the problem is a simple as installation of an aeration system or a change in fisheries management, while other rehabilitation efforts may include reconstruction or lining of a dam, recontouring of a pond bottom, or creation of emergent wetlands. In any case, as with creation of new ponds, our goal is always to produce an aesthetically appealing, functional, low-maintenance product for our client.

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