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Pond and Stream Consulting, Inc. | Spring Creek Restoration Spring Creek Restoration

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Over the past several years, PSC and its associates have been involved with reclamation and improvement of several spring creek fisheries. Often, these projects are initiated by clients interested in improving an existing trout fishery on their property or rectifying problems associated with past land use practices. Overgrazing, erosion, channelization and loss of vegetation have resulted in the degradation of innumerable small stream fisheries. Due to the consistent flow regime typical of spring creeks, they present a unique opportunity for improvement. click to enlarge

In some cases, restoration efforts can be very simple and best realized through passive methods and management. Dramatic improvement can often be realized via fencing, revegetation and reestablishment of native woody species. Sometimes however, depending on the extent of damage and the preferences of the client, restoration can include use of heavy equipment to reestablish proper channel planform, sinuosity and complex habitat features. In click to enlarge conjunction with using natural materials to create adult and juvenile trout habitat within a stream, these types of restoration efforts can result in creation or improvement of self-sustaining, wild trout fisheries.

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