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Pond and Stream Consulting, Inc. | Wetland Creation or Improvement Wetland Creation or Improvement

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Wetlands play a very important role in the overall health of any aquatic ecosystem. In aquatic environments, emergent wetland vegetation: provides habitat for waterfowl, wildlife, fish and invertebrates; utilizes excess nutrients, making them unavailable to algae (helping to prevent unsightly blooms); provides flood control; and prevents wind and wave erosion. So, it stands to reason, that we integrate these features into nearly all of our aquatic improvement projects. Typically, emergent vegetation used in the implementation of our wetland designs is material salvaged onsite. By transplanting mature grasses, forbs and woody species, we are able to establish an aesthetically appealing, functioning wetland without the problems typically associated with seeding. If necessary, we also integrate plant plugs and potted materials from reputable suppliers to provide diversity and improve function of existing wetlands. By integrating functioning emergent wetlands into a stream or pond project, we can ensure that the ecosystem actually functions as a system and provides our clients with a sustainable, balanced, low-maintenance product.

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