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J. Scott Davis
Fisheries Biologist
Scott Davis graduated with honors from Humboldt State University with a B.S. in Freshwater Fisheries. His education focused primarily on stream ecology and the habitat requirements, management, and life history strategies of wild trout. During the educational process, he worked with the Institute of River Ecosystems and the Humboldt State University Fisheries Department in the assessment of salmonid spawning and rearing habitat, quantification of salmonid populations, and utilization of micro-habitat features. In his three seasons of experience with the USDA Forest Service as a biological technician, he quantified salmonid populations, assessed salmonid habitats, reviewed and reported stream conditions on grazing allotments and associated effects on fisheries, assisted in environmental assessments for mining operations, assessed stream improvement project success, surveyed stream cross sections, classified streams using Rosgen and McCain methodologies, and performed fisheries enhancement projects. With over thirteen years in the private sector, he has successfully permitted, designed, and supervised construction of numerous pond fisheries and trout streams. He has also managed, designed or consulted on numerous stream rehabilitation and enhancement projects, gaining considerable experience in all aspects of spring creek restoration, streambank stabilization, stream habitat enhancement and streambed control. Scott's focus with Pond and Stream Consulting, Inc. is creation of ecologically balanced and sustainable pond and stream trout fisheries, while helping our clients achieve their specific goals.

Alex T. Fox, E.I.T.
Resource Engineer
Alex Fox received a B.S. in Civil Engineering - Bio-Resources Option from Montana State University, Bozeman. Alex has over thirteen years experience in design, permitting and implementation of stream rehabilitation, wetland restoration and fisheries enhancement projects. During this time, he as acted as project coordinator, or has been otherwise involved with projects throughout Montana, as well as in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming. Several of these projects were focused at creation of natural, functioning ecosystems in heavily populated areas and on sites with special logistical constraints. Additionally, Alex has been responsible for the design, permitting and construction of several large-scale streambank stabilization projects in southwest Montana. Implementation of these projects required the use of many different construction and revegetation techniques including terraced bank construction, construction of revetments using coir rolls and/or native woody species such as cottonwood and willow, placement of rock barbs and boulders, transplant of live trees and application of hydraulic mulch. Alex's focus with Pond and Stream Consulting, Inc. is aimed at creating or improving naturally functioning ecosystems, while ensuring clients' special interests are addressed.

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